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Goat Meat in Seattle Washington

Even though Seattle is full of Indians finding fresh goat meat can be a tough task. There are multiple shops that sell goat meat but most of them get it from Portland mostly on Wednesday( or twice a week) and keep it freezer and sell it throughout the week.
I thought of putting my experience and journey to find the right place not necessarily in order of the right place

1. Halal Meats bellevue: 1-2 stars
    14625 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98007
    This is shop located in Overlake mall beside Anajapar restaurant. Goat meat here is hit & miss, for
     me it was always on bad side but few people found it ok. On the top of it the owner is very rude
     guy and he puts future packed date on the meat packs fooling the customers. Another worst thing
     is this guys sells meat in 15-20 dollars pack. This shop will be my last option to go I would say
    avoid or spend money on getting goat curry from Currypoint 2 go just located backside of this
    place rather wasting your money.

2. International Food Bazaar: 3 stars
    1313 156th Ave NE # 215, Bellevue, WA 98007
    Good part of this shop is they sell goat meat in 9-11 dollar packs and if you go at the right time
   you  will get good meat. Owner here is good and will entertain special requests if they can.
   However the meat itself is not going to be great because it cannot be compared with fresh cut goat
   meat as it comes from different place in frozen and these guys just cut it and sell them.

3. Shalimar Grocery: 3.5-4 stars
   16541 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052
   This place is unique as compared to 1 and 2 as it sells Young goat meat and believe me if you get it
   when  this guy just got it , it will be good and much better then you get from all other places. They
   dont have Young goat always better to call them and find out when they will get it, other times you
   will find the Regular goat in 11-14 dollars pack and most of the times its ok. If you friend the
  butcher guy you can get some insider tips on meat here and figure out when you should visit this

4. JD'S Market: 3.5 star
    4419 200th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036
   This shop is ok option nothing great about it, they get goat meat usually on Wednesday, cut in
   smaller pieces and sell it in packs throughout the week. Only reason it get 3.5 in instead of buying
   the ready packs talk to butcher and get the required cut of meat in any portions starting from 1

5. 4 stars
   10890 Elliott Road Snohomish, WA 98296 
   Now this is only place/farm that cuts fresh goat meat and you can get it as fresh as you 
   can get. You need go to there website check for availability or call them reserve your 
   goat and then visit the place to get the meat. This place comes with additional 
   problem you can only get Half/Full goat that means you buy at-least 20 pounds and that 
   too at expensive rates. So if you have party or group of people to pool in go for this 
   option and you will enjoy the meat.

6. New Meat store just beside Mayuri Grocery Bellevue:
    I got a chance to visit this Meat store, first impression its similar to other meat selling stores. But I 
    haven't got chance to try the goat meat here but thought of mentioning it.

If your buying from the shops and not much familiar with buying goat meat, talk to the butcher find out which day they get the meat and plan accordingly. Also best way to judge  meat freshness is that it should be in pinkish colour and not like dark red, if its blood red don't buy it rather wait for fresh stock. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Indian passport renewal from US(BLS)

Indian passport renewal from US(BLS)

I know there are quite a few posts on the Indian passport renewal from US. I just want to post here the process I followed, as some of the really good posts are outdated and some forms have been updated.

This blog is only for those who are looking to renew their passport before the expiration date of the passport. For others, whose passports have already been expired or those who lost their passport, might need some additional steps. Also, if you find any mistakes, please suggest, I am more than willing to make the correction. 

To start, this is the official website you need to refer for the renewal.

Find out your application center, this depends on your state of residence. This can be found from the BLS website, in my case it was New york. Some application centers require more documents or special affidavits, please refer to your application center requirements for complete list. I have tried to list out the documents in the order I found it easy to complete.

1. Online Application Form:

 The first thing you need to start is your Online Application, please follow the url from BLS website.

To retrieve the partially incomplete form

Page 1:

         Indian Mission: <Select your Application center>
         Service Desired: RE-ISSUE OF PASSPORT
         Remember to fill in your DOB in dd/mm/yyyy and not in mm/dd US format.

         Address To Be Printed in Passport:
            This is the address where your passport will be mailed.
            Should be your US address for which you have a valid address proof 
            NOT your Indian address.

Page 2:

     Other Address: Your Indian Address

      Phone No.
     Mobile No.
     E-mail Address
          Provide your US phone number and email address.

     Applicant's Family Information
               These fields are self explanatory and unless you want to make a change in the 
               parents names, fill up parents names from your old passport.

      Passport Details:
      File No:
         The last page in your passport, refer to this

Once you enter all the fields in the page 2, click "Save & Continue". In the next page you can skip the upload photo and click "Save & Continue" again. Click the "Generate PDF".  This should generate you a pdf with 3 pages.
Take a print out of this pdf, you need to manually fill up some of the fields in this document.

       In the printed online application form:
        Specimen Signature: Your signature

        Payment of Fee:
         Refer to the BLS website for the exact amount you need to pay and the from of payment.          

          This is what I did for NY application center(Regular processing)

          Amount Paid: $91.20 by Money Order(more details on Processing fee section)

          7. Particulars of person to be intimated in the event of death or accident:
          Give the address of a local guardian or close friend

          9.Local car driving Licence No...<US licence No>.....Date and Place of issue..
          <Your License Details>

         10. Education Qualification: 
          Your qualification. (eg) Master of Science or Bachelor of Engineering.

         11. When did applicant first leave India? 
         The first time you entered US (Check your first US immigration stamp date)

         When was he/she in India last? 
          The date you last left India (Refer your latest Indian immigration stamp date, 
           before leaving to US)

         12. How long has applicant continuously resided abroad?
         Years or months from your latest entry in US.

         13. Present Emigration Status: 
         ECNR for degree holders, I am not sure about others.

         14. Profession and business address:
         Provide your office address and phone number

        15. Please mention, if citizen of India by birth/descent/Naturalization/Registration.
         Circle that is applicable to you, most likely "birth"

        16, 17, 18 Based on your passport detail and in majority of the cases it will NA, No, No

        19. Give two address of your friends or relatives in India who know you personally.

        20 to 25 Pretty straightforward questions, if something isn't applicable, you can write NA

        26, Declaration:
        Sign and Date the form.

        Don't forget to sign the two boxes in 29.

2. Nationality Verification Form

      You can get this form from:

       You need three copies of this form.

        Most fields are self explanatory

        12) Date of leaving India: 
        Your last India exit date(refer to your latest India immigration exit stamp)

       13) Period of stay abroad: 
       Years/months from your last US entry.

       15) Travel agent: 
       NA if you made your own travel arrangement in your last trip or name your travel agent 
       who booked your itinerary in case it was sponsored by your company.

Notorizing a document is nothing but an authorized notary signing that you are submitting the photocopies of the original documents. You can easily find someone who is authorized to notarize documents. Usually most big banks have a notary (be sure to call up and find out if they notarize photocopies before going, some banks don't notarize photocopies of documents). Most UPS stores have an in-store notary and they charge about $2 per document.

3. Visa Proof

  Get a color photocopy of your I797 or visa document and get it notorized.

4. Address Proof Document  

This should be the same address that you mentioned initially in your online application form. You can use your driving license, current lease photocopy or your energy bill(with your name & address). This document has to be notorized.

5. Marriage Certificate(Optional)

If you got married after the issue of your last passport, then you need the following two documents.

  a) Notorized copy of your wife/husband's passport
  b) Notorized copy of your marriage certificate.

6. Your original passport

You should enclose your original passport in the the package.

Photocopies of first 5 pages and last two pages of your current passport (This obviously doesn't need to be notorized, since you will be enclosing your original passport in the package you send to BLS)

7. Affidavit form for change of appearance: 

Required only if your appearance has significantly changed from your old passport picture. I think this is mandatory for Houston jurisdiction, please refer to the BLS website for application center specific requirements,.


Refer to the photo requirements here

In general, if you go to walgreens or any store and tell them to take passport photos, that should match the specifications mentioned. I would recommend not to wear a light colored tops or shirt, since it would blend with the white background.

You would need 1 photo for the online application form.
3 photos for the nationality verification form(one for each copy)
In addition, I attached 2 photos along with my application, since I wasn't clear about the exact number of copies required and wanted to be on the safer side.

Processing Fee

Refer to the processing fee section on the BLS site. For regular, ordinary booklet is $91.20. There are quite a few ways to do this, I actually took a moneygram money order from walmart. It is really economical(only 70 cents) and easy to take. Be sure to write the money order in favor of BLS INTERNATIONAL SERVICES USA INC.

BLS order Form

Application Type: Postal    Airway Bill no: <Tracking number from the label to sent to BLS>
Prepaid Delivery: Yes       Airway Bill no<Tracking no from the return label >

The "Airway Bill no" is nothing but the tracking numbers, see my "shipping packages" section for more information.

All the other fields in the form are self explanatory, fill them and submit it.

Once you submit the form, you will receive on email with two attachments from the BLS.
There will be clear instructions on how to use these documents in the email from BLS.

     Attachment 1: BLS order form
         Take a printout of this and place this inside the shipping package.

     Attachment 2: Passport shipping Label
         Take a printout of this and this has to be affixed on the external shipping package
         (Fedex package) that is sent to BLS


Print the checklist from BLS site, verify you have all the documents and make a tick mark on whatever is applicable to you.

Shipping packages

You need the tracking numbers to be entered in the BLS order form. I think there are quite a few ways to do this. I used fedex and will list the steps you can follow.

1, Create a fedex personal account from their website.
2, Create two shipping labels (for the weight, specify 1 lb)
      (a)  Destination <BLS address > 
      (b) Other label for the return package(destination: your home address) 
3, Print these labels and you can see the tracking number on these labels, which you should use it on your BLS order form.

Go to fedex store and ask them for an envelope with a return envelope. They will provide you two envelopes, the bigger one and a smaller return envelope.
Place your return label in the return envelop and place it inside the bigger envelope.
Place all your documents inside the shipping envelope.

Affix the passport shipping label (Emailed by BLS after submitting BLS order form) outside the envelope.

You can drop the fedex package in any fedex drop box, you will not be charged immediately. Your credit card will be charged when the package has reached the destination / shipping facility.
Once you have sent the package, wait for a few days, BLS will send an email saying that your application has been received and is in processing stage, You can start tracking the status of your passport in the BLS website

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spectre: James Bond is back in Thriller plot

Bond is back in this dark plot, looks like thriller than a bond film. I hope this time it will quench the thirst for Bond gadgets that we missed after Pierce brosnan.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Freshers Openings in a Renowned Company

Opportunities for Arts & Science graduates of batch 2013
Ø  2013 batch graduates in B.A / B.Com / BBA / B.Sc / BCA/Humanities with 10+2+3 years of full time education.
Ø  Consistent academic record with a minimum of 60% in Std. X, XII & 55% in graduation (UG programs)
Ø  No standing arrears allowed at the time of the recruitment process
Ø  Team oriented, flexible and willing to multi task
Ø  Applicable for Indian Nationals

  Work Location: Coimbatore & Kolkata

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Timepass movie: Timepass marathi movie

If you love Balak, Palak, Duniyadaari and other awesome marathi movies. Check the trailer of new Ravi jadhav marathi movie, its just must see

Check the song:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NASA Shoots Lasers at the Moon to Create new medium of Communication

NASA has set a new record for communication in space, beaming information to and from a probe named LADEE that is currently flying around the moon 380,000 kilometers away.

Aboard LADEE is the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD), which achieved super-fast download speeds of 622 megabits per second (Mbps) and an upload rate of 20 Mbps. In comparison, the internet at WIRED’s office in San Francisco gets download rates of 75 Mbps and uploads at 50 Mbps. NASA’s typical communications with the moon are about five times slower than what LLCD provided.
Until now, NASA has used radio waves to communicate with its spacecraft out in the solar system. As a probe gets farther away, you need more power to transmit a signal. Earth-based receiving dishes have to be bigger, too, so that NASA’s most-distant probe, Voyager 1, relies on a 70-meter antenna to be heard. LLCD relies on three ground-based terminals at telescopes in New Mexico, California, and Spain to communicate.
The agency is currently interested in creating better laser-based communication relays. With a concentrated beam of light, a spacecraft could send data at much faster rates that could carry higher resolution images and transmit 3-D videos from deep space. Of course, the method is challenging because it requires very high precision. If the skinny laser beam doesn’t exactly hit its target over a ridiculously far distance, it will lead to dropped calls and no communication. LLCD also has a slower transmission rate when the moon is on the horizon — and the signal has to travel through a greater amount of interfering atmosphere — than when it is directly overhead.
LLCD is actually a precursor to a larger and even more capable project, the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD), which will further test the technology and is expected to launch in 2017. One day, such communication systems could be part of a fast interplanetary internet that will beam data around the solar system.

Monday, October 21, 2013

New Fuel would power a CAR for 100 years

Laser Power Systems, a U.S. company based out of  Connecticut is developing a method of automotive propulsion using the element thorium to produce electricity. The results far surpass anything currently powering automobiles.

To put it in perspective, 8 grams of Thorium produce enough power for a car to drive 1 million miles.
Thorium is similar in structure to the element uranium. Because it is an incredibly a dense material it has the potential to produce tremendous heat, and thus energy.
Charles Stevens, the CEO of Laser Power Systems CEO, explains that just one gram of thorium yields more energy than 28,000 liters of gasoline.

Just eight grams of thorium, Stevens explains, would produce more energy than the vehicle could use in its entire life, without the need for refueling… ever.
Stevens explained in an interview with Ward’s Auto, that small pieces of thorium have been used to generate heat, being positioned to create a thorium laser in the vehicle. The laser heats water which produces steam, which in turn powers a series of “mini-turbines.”